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Our Hotel


     Bernd Kroening and Anke Noethling are two German businessmen with a vast knowledge and experience in the area of receptive touristic hotels operations in Colombia, Panama and Venezuela. They design their strategies for each country according to the most iconic destinations of each region.  On this basis, they chose Saint Agustin in the department of Huila as a starting point for both the hotel operation as well as the promise to the international customers of a nontraditional destination from where to begin discovering the actual Colombia, which attracts the new tendencies of tourism in the world.

The Pre-Hispanic sculptures of San Agustin and the mystery involving the natives that built them convert this place into a mythical destination.  Just there, on top of the hill where the Primavera coffee farm is located, was inaugurated in December 2016 the “MONASTERIO" San Agustin Boutique Hotel” with a capacity for up to 40 people.

Guests will feel an immediate connection with this region through the architectural design of the hotel, the 360 degrees sight from the observation deck, the view of the coffee plantation and its processing during harvest time, The service given by the native personnel specially trained by the owners of the hotel, the Colombian fusion cuisine in its cozy restaurant and the visit to the coffee museum in the original typical house of the farm.   Lastly, you cannot miss the tour to the San Agustin Archaeological Parks, Inland and other cultural-touristic attractions of the area.

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